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Hello Dreamwidth! I only have one person reading my journal because it has no content, but I had a topic I wanted to discuss in long-format and tumblr doesn't really work well for that, and it seems like maybe DW is making a comeback because of the LJ TOS? Anyway hi, if you are here, hello.

I was thinking about redemption arcs the other day, and what type I like and what type I don't. The ones I like are the ones where a character through their own actions comes to realize that they are not, in fact, a good person, even though they maybe thought they were. And they decide that they want to be a good person, and are willing to try their best to redeem themselves. Example: Bellamy Blake on The 100 in season 1. He has a great arc of realizing he's actually a terrible person, and deciding to be better. And yes, Clarke clues him in a little bit, but it's not like she changed him -- he did it himself. Or like Natasha Romanoff breaking free of her conditioning and realizing that that's not the person she wants to be, and working to be a different, better person.

The kind that I seriously dislike is the kind where a bad person is somehow magically redeemed because of the fact that a good person loves them. Like, the kind of Star Wars TFA shippy nonsense about "if Rey loved Kylo Ren he'd become good because he's just a misunderstood boy who never got enough love." Fuck that shit. He's an asshole who murdered his dad in cold blood. Loki's not gonna become a good guy if Thor fucks him tenderly enough.

But then there's this weird middle type that I also dislike, where a person who is portrayed not necessarily as a Bad Person but as a Rogue, and then that person falls in love with a Good Person and stops their rogue-ish behavior. This is why I stopped being interested in Hook and Emma on OUAT back howevermany season back I stopped watching it. This is why I'm annoyed at the Lucifer/Chloe storyline on Lucifer. I think the crux of it really is that when a person is being a rogue, they're not actually being a bad person? And usually the "redemption" involves them stopping being promiscuous when they previously were promiscuous? And it all comes out in some kind of weird slut-shaming thing that makes me deeply uncomfortable.

Lucifer stops having sex with other people because he's in love with Chloe. Why? If he's not actually dating her, he has no commitment to monogamy. Why would a person who has thus far had one of his defining character traits being the massive amount of sex he has with extremely happy and willing partners suddenly give that up? The reasoning given amounts to, "because Chloe will never date me if she thinks I'm a slut." And that's such a load of BS, like, she has no claim over you, and why would you want to be with someone who is judging you like that? And if she really wanted to date you, wouldn't she like you the way you are? Otherwise it will never work out. And I'm not saying that in order for Lucifer and Chloe to hook up she has to agree to an open relationship -- once they're actually dating for real, it's reasonable to expect monogamy. I'm objecting to the fact that he acts like because he's in love with her he has to stop having sex with other people, even though they're not dating, and more so, I'm objecting to the fact that that's portrayed in the show as Lucifer becoming a Good Person.

You can be a good person and still have lots of sex with lots of willing partners. Having lots of sex with lots of willing partners does not make you a Bad Person who needs a redemption arc.

Anyway I don't really know what I'm talking about, I am kind of blathering on, but that is why I decided to post on DW instead of tumblr (although I will now go link to this on tumblr, so.).
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Oops I forgot to keep this updated as a mirror. All my fic is on ao3 though! I need to get around to bringing it over here... But figured I should put a note here since people might be clicking on my journal via the Daredevil kinkmeme. (You can find me on tumblr too as marmolita.)
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Vikings, some combination of Ragnar/Athelstan/Lagertha. NC-17. Dirty talk, light D/s, masturbation, shame.

Also at AO3.

Fill for my own prompt from dirty_kinkmeme. Warning for use of the "C" word for female genitals.

Ragnar catches Athelstan jerking off and watches him while talking dirty about what Athelstan would like to do to Lagertha. )
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Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, Peter/Stiles, Derek/Peter/Stiles, NC-17. Written for the TW Reverse Bang challenge, given this lovely art prompt by ktown01:

Also at AO3. This is part of my omega Derek universe, but it's not necessary to read any of the other fics to get this one.

WARNINGS: Non-con, non-con, I'm not joking, seriously, there is straight-up rape in this fic. Also, dub-con, underage (15-16), past underage dub-con, present underage dub-con, underage non-con. Am I making myself clear? Also, non-consensual pack bonding, violence, panic attacks, references to torture, references to people burning to death, and one scene involves choking. Hopefully I have warned for everything here, but if you find something I missed that you think needs a warning let me know and I'll add it.

Notes: I don't really know anything about panic attacks. Don't take my description of talking Stiles down from a panic attack as what you should actually do if someone you know is having a panic attack.

Stiles was bitten instead of Scott. Peter is not a nice alpha. )
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Also at AO3.

Teen Wolf, gen, rated PG-13.

Written for a prompt from jyorraku on tumblr, who wanted Kate as an alpha. Diverges from S1E10.

Warnings: violence, torture, references to underage relationships.

When you got caught, you had hoped that Scott would find you and get you out. Now, you hope Scott's sensible enough to stay away. )


Oct. 1st, 2012 06:58 pm
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Also at AO3.

Written for the Teen Wolf fanfic contest, publishing now that the contest is over. Laura-centric, Laura and Derek. Rated G.

Laura Hale was born to be an alpha. )


Sep. 16th, 2012 08:30 pm
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Teen Wolf, Omegaverse, Jackson, some Jackson/Lydia and some Jackson/Derek. Rated R.

Also at AO3.

So this idea came about after an extended conversation with vongchild about how alpha/beta/omega fics tend to have confused biology. She wrote up this lovely essay about the topic which I highly recommend you read! In any case, going along with the issues pointed out in her essay, I came up with this idea for a different spin on the usual werewolf omegaverse. There are no human betas in this universe.

Notes: Boyd is on the lacrosse team in this story. It’s up to you whether you want to assume he joined after being turned or not. Androcrur is an actual drug. I don’t actually know anything about its real uses.

This is a story about Jackson Whittemore. It starts when he is eleven years old, and ends on a cold cement floor in the basement of a burned-out house. )
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Teen Wolf, mature, Derek/Kate, Derek/other(s), prostitution, noncon.

Also at AO3.

WARNINGS: This fic includes sex work, reference to a past underage relationship, noncon/dubcon (more non- than dub-), electric shocks/tasing, and a non-consensual power differential / D/s. I don't claim that my depiction of sex work reflects what sex work is actually like in any way, shape, or form.

This isn't an AU, it's actually intended to fit in canon (well, pre-canon). Also, I really do love Derek, even though I keep writing about awful, awful things happening to him.

When he turns eighteen, Derek tells Laura he wants to move out. He already has a part-time job waiting tables, and he can get a second job, enough to pay rent on his own place since Laura insists they save the insurance money. It’s another waiter at the restaurant who points him to the escort agency. )
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Also at AO3.

Teen Wolf, Derek/OFC, Derek/Kate, BDSM, sort-of explicit?

Warnings: BDSM involving electrocution, chains, and shaming. Implied past underage relationship. This is not a happy fluffy fic.

Derek hires a dominatrix to impersonate Kate )
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Teen Wolf, explicit, Scott/Derek.

Also at AO3.

So I wrote this fic because I really just wanted there to be fic of Scott as an alpha screwing Derek into the floor. Somehow it ended up being full of talking about pack and feelings. It can be read either as a straight-up AU of the show from the season 1 finale, or as an AU of my other fic, The Scent of an Alpha.

Warnings: underage, dubious consent/full moon compulsion/sex for the good of the pack. The sex is also somewhat violent.

AU in which Derek lets Scott kill Peter )
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Teen Wolf, mature audiences (not explicit), Derek/Laura, Derek/Peter, Derek/others.

Also at AO3.

This hinges on the idea that Derek was a scrawny child/teen, and didn't fill out until he was about 20, in case that's not clear from the text.

WARNINGS: Underage sex, incest, very dubious consent, and a whole bucket of wrong.

'Derek, honey, you have a very important place in the pack.' Aunt Rose pulls him onto her lap, and he relaxes, leaning his head against her chest. Derek is eight years old, small for his age, and fits perfectly in the space between her lap and her chin. 'You and me, we’re alike. Our job can be very hard sometimes, but this is a good pack. They need me, and when your sister starts her own pack she’s going to need you.' )
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Avengers, Clint/Steve in the most awful way possible.

Also at AO3.

This fic is a followup to quigonejinn's Beast of Burden. It may not make much sense if you haven't read that one first, so please do.

WARNINGS: This fic involves alcohol, sex (while possibly still under the influence), knifeplay, breathplay, and torture, all in a pretty awful way.

'Clint, I want--' Steve says, pulling back. Clint looks up at him, one hand on Steve’s shoulder and one on the side of his ribs. Steve blinks, looks away. 'I want you to hurt me.' )
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Avengers, Natasha, terrible, horrible, very bad things.

Also at AO3.

For chooseyourownapocalypse, who requested for "Natasha's five worst (best?) kills" when I asked for fic requests.

WARNINGS: This is about Natasha killing people, including killing women, children, and innocent civilians. There is also a reference to a man keeping underage girls as sex slaves. Really, there is some nasty stuff in here, so you have been warned.

Natasha's five worst (best?) kills )
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Natasha, with Clint and Steve. Also at AO3.

My enemy, my friend )
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Bucky and Natasha in a DS9 AU. Also at AO3.

Obsidian Widow )
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Avengers/DS9 fusion ficlet. Also at AO3.

Holosuite Avengers )
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